Dynamic DR Dynamic DR-DTP570
Overview | Clinical Images

Every innovation
for Further Precise Diagnosis 

Real time spot-film, avoid misdiagnosis  Angell Dynamic DR DTP570 offers distortion-free, high-quality dynamic and static image in one exposure-offering full patient coverage with a detailed resolution of more than 8M pixel matrix, and Angell’s dynamic detector is able to capture ultra fine targets in real time. 

Large view field 43cm x43cm, avoid missed diagnosis

Outstanding images without distortion  Let you get exceptional image quality with the state-of-the-art dynamic detector and view even the finest details at the lowest possible dose.

Digital recording of fluoroscopy  Fluoroscopy can be recorded in the internal memory at up to 29fps during examinations. 

All-in-One System
Satisfy Various Clinical Demands

Digital Radiography  Wide range of examination angles, as well as erect, lying, and oblique positions. Static imaging for radiographic examinations, Skull, Thorax, Abdomen, Vertebral column, Pelvis, Upper and lower extremities and so on.

Digital Fluoroscopy  Dynamic imaging for fluoroscopy, esophagoraphy, upper gastrointestinal , (such as barium enemas, barium meals, and barium swallows), intravenous urography (IVP), HSG, T-tube cholangiography and so on.

Remote control table  Rapid and concurrent movements reduce dramatically the patient preparation time and decrease workflow. It makes patient positioning much easier.

Smart Image Stitching  With large field of view and advanced image processing workstation, Angell Dynamic DR System can provide high definition full-body x-ray image by automatic image stitching function, especially helpful for orthopedics.  

Versatile Design for Various Examinations

  • A Wide Scope of Examinations

    Single-touch positioning feature, easy to examine without moving the patient.

  • A Wide Range of Bed Rotation

    -15°-90° rotation range of electric diagnostic bed.

  • Multi Angles Radiography

    Single-touch positioning feature, easy to examine without moving the patient.

  • SID Extension

    DTP570 can extend the SID to 180cm, allowing to obtain chest images comparable to those done on a chest stand.

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