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Angell DP316 is a fully digital mobile X-ray machine that provides high quality DR imaging and helps to speed up the examination workflow and assist you in your day-to-day work. It can be used from the bedside, to the OR, the ICU, the Medical Vehicles and is integrated the big capacity batteries, the motors , the high-frequency generator, the x-ray tube and the digital detector. It makes mobile X-ray imaging effortless and fast, and with its powerful 32kW generator and detectors increases sharpness and soft-tissue detail and provides outstanding image quality in seconds. 

Superb image quality at low dose

Compact, lightweight design – so easy to maneuver

Increase your satisfaction and productivity with flexible, effortless and fast positioning

Consistent, precise images with fewer retakes and support for faster, more accurate diagnosis


ALL- in-one buttons:

Pressing the all-in-one buttons releases the moving locks for the arm, the brace, and X-ray tube, thus allowing positioning to be need.

Cute body Designing:

The compact body and shorter arm parking position maximize the driving visibility. It can avoid risk of collision and injury.

Anti-collision System:

Caring for Patients and doctors, preventing the device damaged.

Easy to move:

With its large wheels and the assisted motors, you can "step over" obstacles very easily.

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