Delicate and maneuverable with strong functions

Advanced dynamic imaging and image processing technology, matching the delicate UC arm structure design, meets the multi-position clinical diagnosis requirements and creates more value

Excellent dynamic detector technology

The dynamic detector technology which was independently developed byAngell allows the inspection to have visual conditions and achieves fasthigh-definition spot film. It can not only accurately captures the lesion, but alsoeliminates the missed diagnosis brought by the traditional blind beat and bringsmore possibilities for general radiography

Traditional detector technology
Limited photosensitive area and limited read speed

Dynamic detector technology
Full-format sensitization, high-speed reading, 100% improvement in drawing efficiency

  • Pixel matrix 3072*3072

  • 9 million pixels

  • Spot film with high quality image

  • 17*17 inch Large View Field.

Delicate and maneuverable mechanical structure

All electric control, wide range rotation of detector and UC arm, meets multi-position and multi-angle imaging

Multifunctional Device

  • Digital Radiography

    For all parts of body radiographic
    examinations (staticimaging)

  • Digital Fluoroscopy

    For all parts of body fluoroscopy examinations

  • Digital Contrast

    For various kinds of gastrointestinal examinations

Strong image processing technology

  • Traditional CPU algorithm

  • GPU high speed processing module


3K image processing time

GPU high speed image processing module

EAE high efficiency automatic enhancement software

Area of interest (ROI) automatic identification module

Automatic enhancement of EAE images

Comprehensive application

  • Video save and replay function

    Images and Videos can be saved in real time, doctors can replay to confirm thelesion position. It can achieve reducing missed diagnosis and get accuratediagnosis

  • Standard with full body stitching function

    Seamless integration to ensure high quality panoramic images

  • Automatic Exposure Control Function (IDC)

Clinical image

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