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  • Product installation

    Product installation service is the most important part of our customer service project. Through the previous preparation of X-ray room design and guidance, we provide the optimal installation plan and on-site installation services by our professional engineers, so that we can ensure the optimal operation of the product .

  • Technical Support

    Angell service representative provides technical support regarding application and breakdown calls to customers and distributors via phone, mail, orally, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments sold by Angell.

  • Maintenance service

    Maintenance service is the key part of customer service project. "Short, stable and fast" is the criterion of maintenance service. We have 27 maintenance accessory warehouses and 30 customer service offices all over the country to ensure the timely and effective handling of equipment abnormalities. And with the remote technical support platform, we can provide more timely fault diagnosis for our customer.

  • Warranty

    Warranty service includes technical repair and machine repair two models. Through the detection and use of products, our engineers choose the best warranty plan for customers. They also improve product usage rate through equipment maintenance.

  • Training

    Angell and its subsidiaries provide different levels of training to customers, distributors and service partners including marketing, operation, application and troubleshooting, etc. We have various types of course: web-based, on-site or internal, scheduled and on demand.

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