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2015 Dynamic DR launch conference in Philippine was held successfully

Release time:2015-04-13

Mar 26th, the international department of Angell Technology successfully held the Angell Technology Dynamic DR launch conference & Distributor exchange fair at Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig. More than 70 finest Philippine distributors were invited to the fair. Dr. Danilo R Sacdalan , the former president of PCR, were also in attendance as our distinguished guest. The conference chiefly introduced Angell’s epoch-making product “Dynamic DR” which attracted considerable attention from present guests.

Luis Lu, the Dean of Philippine office of Angell Technology international department, summarized all the efforts and achievements Angell has made in 2014 and brings out Angells perspective of Philippine market in 2015. As a globally recognized digital medical image equipment supplier, Angell is one of the Chinese earliest global market pioneer. For years, Angell technology has devoted to the supplement of competitive digital image diagnose and treatment equipment for doctors, patients and medical institutions, improve the customer experience and create maximum value for our clients.


Rocky Tang, the sales manager of Angell international department, grandly introduced Angell’s Dynamic DR. Rocky played a real machine operating video of a model hospital, the clinical advantages of Dynamic DR such as multifunctional, full-view, high resolution and image stitching won a high appraisal among all the attendant distributors and specialist. Meanwhile, Dr. Danilo R Sacdalan, compared and analyzed the differences between regular DR and Dynamic DR considering clinical appliances of fluoroscopy, Dynamic DR leaves all guest a favorable impression with its superiority and convenience. 

Angell technology is the only inventor of Chinese Dynamic DR. The DR industry has enter a new era since the Dynamic DR launched. In both Chinese domestic and global market, Dynamic DR is leading the trend of DR industry. Angell technology is cultivating silently in the industry and bending herself to provides superior products and meticulous services to the entire world.

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