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Dynamic DR-Bring you a much better life

Release time:2018-07-30

Nowadays, the conventional X-ray machine is still widely used in many physical examination centers for diagnosing, while many symptoms can’t be defined correctly in its early time due to the bad imaging result. 

To solve this problem, some hospitals may spend thousands of money to purchase a CT. Truly, owing to the powerful function; the diagnosis can be much more efficient with the help of CT. But, on the other hand, the huge dose of radiation and the high cost of doing the test may be a great burden to the patients. 

Is there any better choice for both the hospital and the patient?

Here comes the great news. Angell Technology, as being the best supplier in the field of medical digital image devices, has developed a new dynamic DR on its own. Having the function of real-time spot film, gastrointestinal check, radiography, fluoroscopy. 


The high pressure shutter is an advanced technology. It uses the software to control the time of generating the high voltage, thus creating the instantaneous exposure of X-ray. This technology can be very useful when you want to achieve the function of fluoroscopy while spot the film at the same time. This can not only improve the dynamic image quality, reduce the dose of radiation, protect the patients` health but also prolong the service life of the tube. And thanks to the much more reasonable price of Angell dynamic DR, the medical cost from the patient and the budget from the hospital can be a great cut.

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