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Dynamic DR VS combined dR/F

Release time:2018-06-04

The medical X-Ray equipment is developing very fast in recent years, and now the most advanced device that we have is the Dynamic DR. With the help of this advantage technology, you can do digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal and digital angiography on just one DR device. Now there are two kinds devices can realize this function, one is realized by the multifunctional digital detector, the another one is realized by combing the digital gastrointestinal machine and a flat panel DR, which is called combined R/F.

So what’s the difference between them? Please check the form below.


From the comparison above we can see that the greatest advantage of the combined R/F is it doesn’t need too much time and money on the research and development, all you need to do is to combine a digital R/F and a flat panel DR, then you can realize the multifunction.

And the dynamic DR is a new generation product, all the multifunction is realized by just one advanced detector. Now, there are only 3 companies have mastered the core technology of dynamic DR detector, which are Siemens, Shimadzu and Angell.

Though, these two machine can both realize the same function, but the real dynamic DR is the one without the need of an intensifier, and the combined one will fatefully be eliminated.

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