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CCR 2016 is held in the ancient city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Release time:2016-10-17

On October 12, 2016, the Chinese Society of Radiology held its annual four-days academic seminar Chinese Society of Radiology Conference (CCR 2016) in the ancient city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, around 100 km from Shanghai. With the theme of “Cooperation, Innovation and Development”, it is also the 23rd National Radiology Conference and 24th National Medical Imaging Technology Conference of Chinese Medical Association. 

In a professor lecture, Professor Liu Guangyue, executive president of CCR 2016, member of Chinese Medical Association, and Director of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital & The Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Medical School, shared common views of digital x-ray imaging with professors all around China, using Angell Technology’s Dynamic DR as a demonstration model. This is not the first time that Angell’s products being showed in the medical imaging sector in the Chinese Medical Association, which means Angell’s technology accumulation has been highly recognized by opinion leader in radiology world.

Dynamic DR, the most popular products in the digital radiology market in recent years, complying with the clinical developing rules of digital x-ray system and meeting the demand of technology development, has now been a new trend in this filed. Just as digital x-ray system replace the analog x-ray system, dynamic DR system will soon replace the general DR system, and bring us into the visual DR era.

Looking back to One year ago, in the 23rd Chinese Medial Association National Medical Imaging Conference, Angell’s Dynamic DR has already been commonly recognized by professors at the meeting, and was rewarded with Independent Innovation Award. Today, Mr. Du Bi, President of Shenzhen Angell Technology, invited by the conference, delivered a special lecture on digital x-ray technology among all the lectures delivered by very important and famous professors, discussing together with them about the trend of digital radiology technology development. 

In 2013, based on years of research in digital detector, Chinese DR industry leading brand Angell Technology creatively brought to the market its dynamic digital detector and Chinese first dynamic DR system, outshining in that year’s CMEF in Xiamen, Fujian Province, drawing extensive attention in DR industry, and making the dynamic DR systems prosperous in domestic medical equipment market.

On the one hand, based on innovation, Angell developed the dynamic DR system independently and obtained its own potent on Chinese multi-functional dynamic detector, broke down the monopoly of foreign companies, cultivated a full industry chain of dynamic DR system, which not only cut down price of dynamic DR system, but also enable many domestic hospitals including many private hospitals to have easy access to the latest technology on digital radiography systems. With the development of domestic dynamic DR market, more and more domestic manufacturers also starts to develop dynamic DR systems, which exactly meets the demand of an opening cooperation for development of medical imaging technology.      

On the other hand, the technological primacy of dynamic DR, i.e., its visual spot film function, can reduce miss diagnosis and missed diagnosis occurred in general static DR imaging process, and has been highly recognized by hospitals from various levels. What is more is that, characteristics such as high definition imaging, large size of view, full body stitching, real-time automatic video saving and reply, have been properly applied in clinical application in these hospitals, which brought great benefits to the patients.

Go along side with the supply-side-structural-reform, made-in-China has turned to create-in-China rapidly. The supply-side-structural-reform in DR industry means we need to upgrade the industrial creative ability, transiting gradually to a high quality to meet demand from high end, solving the problem of constitutive malposition that low level and middle level manufacturing is surplus while high end manufacturing is insufficient.  

As one of the drafter and calibration unit of Chinese DR industrial standard, Angell Technology has been continuously focusing on the research and innovation of DR products. At the time of bottleneck for DR industry development, independent research and development of dynamic DR system firstly brought out by Angell renovates the whole industry greatly.

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