Angell Technology en Arab Health 2020

Como proveedor global de equipos de imágenes médicas con sede en China, desde principios de 2020, los empleados de Angell Technology renuncian a las vacaciones del Festival de Primavera, apoyan plenamente las necesidades de las instituciones médicas antiepidémicas nacionales de primera línea y el personal médico, y cumplen con la responsabilidad social de las empresas médicas nacionales. . En el extranjero, Angell Technology lleva la investigación y el desarrollo independientes de equipos de imágenes innovadores a Arab Health 2020.

Arab Health is the largest and most complete exhibition ofprofessional medical equipment in the Middle East. As one of the earliestnational medical imaging equipment enterprises in the Middle East and NorthAfrica, Angell Technology has participated in the exhibition with the firstinternational products for many years. At the Arab Health 2020 exhibition, AngellTechnology continues innovation, bringing a series of general X-ray productsincluding the fourth generation Dynamic Flat Panel DR, the second generation MobileFlat Panel DR, double column double flat panel DR, attracting hospitalmanagers, doctors and agents from all over the world.

New products set off the upsurge of medicalimaging equipment innovation

For a long time, Angell Technology has been committed toproviding valuable medical imaging products for global medical institutionsthrough clinical cooperation and independent innovation.

The fourth generation Dynamic Flat Panel DR "TALENT"is a professional design equipment for multi-functional diagnosis applicationof medical institutions. It has multi-dimensional, multi-functional and specialdesign, equipped with high-definition dynamic flat panel detector andindependently developed intelligent image processing software. It has realizedadvanced intelligent application on the exquisite remote control tablestructure, and has multiple functions such as radiography, fluoroscopy, fullbody stitching, pneumoconiosis screening, etc.

The DP316 series of Mobile Flat Panel DR independentlydeveloped by Angell Technology has the title of "Master of high-definitionphotography" in the industry. The 4.0lp/mm ultra-high spatial resolution,nearly 10 million pixels performance and the 125um industry's ultimate pixelsize, which makes DP316 have the image effect comparable to fixed DR. At the sametime, DP316's excellent movement and endurance performance ensures itsexcellent performance in ICU, emergency department or emergency isolation wardarea.

In the increasingly similar environment of double column DRproducts, Angell Technology develops the only double column product withelectrically controlled movement of tabletop, which takes a significant changein the accurate positioning and the improvement of work efficiency. At the sametime, the movement distance of bucky under the table is 1250mm, which can satisfyall kinds of clinical needs.

At present, Angell Technology has the most completegeneral X-ray product line in the industry.

Independent research and development, showingthe charm of China's medical science and technology on the world stage

Angell Technology is one of the earliest representativesof Chinese medical equipment enterprises going abroad. Similar to the growthbackground of many domestic excellent medical equipment enterprises, Angell Technologywas founded in Shenzhen, the frontier hot land of China's reform and openingup. It has absorbed the spirit of rooted struggle and self-innovation. Afteryears of development, Angell  has enteredinto nearly 40 countries and regions around the world, and has been highlyrecognized by local users. Together with the excellent national medicalequipment enterprises that are also committed to the global developmentstrategy, Angell Technology shows the charm of medical technology frominnovative China on the world stage based on their own strong strength.

Behind excellent enterprises are powerful countries. Atpresent, people across the country are working together to fight against thenew crown pneumonia epidemic. We can see that a number of outstandingenterprises are using the power of science and technology to comprehensivelyhelp fight against the epidemic. Not only that, China has been highlyrecognized by the World Health Organization and other countries for its greatpower and responsibility to fully control the epidemic and ensure people's lifesafety and health.

Today's Chinese enterprises are the world's enterprises;today's China is the world's China.

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