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Angell Technology is a professional global provider of digital medical imaging devices. Founded in 2002, we have nearly 600 employees. We are committed to providing reliable digital medical imaging devices and services for global medical institutions, and are determined to become a leading global brand in the medical and health industry.

We have products including Digital Radiography, Dynamic DR, Mobile DR, Digital Mammography, and Digitizer. As of 2019, the installed base of our Dynamic DR has reached 2,000 units, ranking No. 1 in the world; meanwhile, the installed base of all our products has reached 10,000 units, with users in more than 30 countries.

We always focus on the R&D innovation and manufacturing technique improvement of digital medical imaging devices. We invest more than 10% of the total sales revenue every year as R&D expense. We are one of the very few all-around manufacturers with manufacturing technology of x-ray detector, x-ray tube, and x-ray generator in the world.

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