Floor-mounted Dynamic DR system
The Pioneer In Dynamic Imaging

With cutting-edged and innovative dynamic DR technology and unique dual detector design, the intelligent DR system offer both static and dynamic capture. Equipped with ANGELL patented technologies,Aurora is capable for high quality static and dynamic clinical imaging, providing with detailed two-dimensional anatomical image and soft organ functional image, which secures accurate diagnosis.

Static And Dynamic Quick, Accurate And Convenient

With static and dynamic dual flat panel detector, Aurora is capable for quick capture mode and position(Erect/Supine/Prone/Decubitus) switch, which significantly improve clinical efficiency.

  • The Examination table is 650mm high,
    convenient for patients get in and out bed.
    1250mm movement range of cassette, 
    which can cover the range from head to foot.

  • Provides easy control to tube head and column stand
  • The table can be moved in four-way floating by electric or manual mode, increasing the positioning efficiency
  • Detector and tube are able to automatic track patient's movement
    bidirectionally in both erect and supine position.

Dynamic DR Features

  • Digital Radiography

    Applicable for all body positions.

  • Digital Contrast

    Applicable for all regular and specific contrast examinations, It also supports replaying contrast video and select images of lesions for the diagnosis.

  • Digital Fluoroscopy

    Applicable for all body position’s fluoroscopy examinations

New work flow

10.4 Inch Intelligent Touch Screen
By 10.4 inch HD intelligent touch screen,
doctors and radiologists get access to
control machine parameters such as radiation
dosage,exposure parameter, GRID and etc
as well as patient’s information, in real-time.

Emergency Use And Physical Examination Record
Artificial-intelligence-controlled collimator system
will automatically match detector location and
irradiate certain area according to the patient's
position and SID information, saving adjustment time.

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
Automatic Exposure Control function improves
the image quality as well as reduces radiation dose

Intelligent Dose Manage Display
Intelligent dose data display can meet the quality
control requirements of clinical radiographs.


Surround Light Belt Design On Bucky Stand
Intelligent lighting reminder design promptsthe device status in real-time.

Automatic Patient Recognition

Automatically achieve chest film's positioning
according to automatical detecting of patient's height


Remote Control Console
All movements can be operated in the control room
and achieved smartly by the remote control console.

Automatic Patient Recognition
Automatically achieve chest film's positioning
according to automatical detecting of patient's height


Diversity Applications Full Body Stitching Function
Full body stitching function, which can meet the examination requirement of full-spine or full-leg.


Pneumoconiosis Examination(optional)
The combination of dynamic imaging technology
and pneumoconiosis examination can effectively
improve the accuracy of screening of pneumoconiosis
nodules and decrease misdiagnosis rate.

Full Body Stitching Function
which can meet the examination requirement of
full-spine or full-leg.


IEAE Automatic Enhance Image Processing System
It has six  core processing modules that enable evenness,softness, spatial layering and high definition of image and  provide solid foundation
for precise lesion diagnosis.


Clinical Images

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