UC-Arm Dynamic DR

Advanced dynamic imaging and image processing technology, matching the delicate UC arm structure design,meets the multi-position clinical diagnosis requirements and creates more value.

UC-arm Dynamic DR

The first FPD UC-arm Dynamic DR in the world

  • Mechanical design for multiposition radiography

    1.8 m

    -30 ~ 120 degree
    UC-arm rotation range

    Dual control box
    Remote control system

  • Digital Clinical Image

    Special software pack for pneumoconiosis diagnosis

  • All-in-one Multifunctional applications

    Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Contrast

  • Image stitching function

    Provide full-limb or full-spine stitching images for orthopedic joint replacement, spinal orthopaedics, etc., helpful for preoperative plan formulation and postoperative effect evaluation

  • Excellent Image Quality

    Full Digital
    Digital radiography and digital fluoroscopy

    17 × 17 inch
    Large view

    3072 × 3072
    High resolution

One machine can realize all departments application

Master the core technology, master four modules including digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy, full stitching and pneumoconiosis examination.

  • Digital Radiography

    Applicable for all body positions.

  • Digital Contrast

    Applicable for all regular and specific contrast examinations, It also supports replaying contrast video and select images of lesions for the diagnosis.

  • Digital Fluoroscopy

    Applicable for all body position’s fluoroscopy examinations

Image Stitching Function

Provide full-limb or full-spine stitching images for orthopedic joint replacement and spinal orthopedics.

Pneumoconiosis Examination

Provide professional pneumoconiosis image processing system, optional 1.8m special filter grid for                    pneumoconiosis examination

High Definition Dynamic 

Flat Panel Detector

Equipped with self-developed ultra-clear large view size dynamic flat panel detector, 600 micron cesium iodide                  greatly improves X-ray conversion efficiency, unique amorphous silicon array and high-speed reading integrated                  circuit work closely, easily realize multi-frame rate fluoroscopy and high-definition spot film.

  • Linear detectionplane

    No distortion or distortion in the image

  • DFP synchronized exposure

    Efficient dark noise suppression

  • 0.8S

    Radiography and fluoroscopy switching

  • 9 million pixel

    High definition spot film

  • 17 ×17 inches

    Large view size

Professional image processing system

The multi-Function series is configured with IEAE and multi-frequency image processing system. It has six core                  processing modules that enable evenness, softness, spatial layering and texture exquisiteness of image and                  provide solid foundation for precise lesion diagnosis

Self-developed Imaging workstation provides more accurate images

Trough developing multiple patented image processing technologies, Angellgained the core technology and                  outstanding images

Clinical Images

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