Remote Table Series,
The Multifunctional Diagnostic Dynamic DR

Remote Table Series is the fourth-generation remote table dynamic DR which is multifunctional and realizes the integration of digital radiography, fluoroscopy, full body stitching and pneumoconiosis examination. This machine realize a real sense of the application of the general department and enhance the actual benefit of the hospital.

Professional Design of Multifunctional Diagnosis Application

On the basis of practical application in the radiology department of medical institutions, according to the multifunctional diagnosis, we achieve multi-dimensional design, which can optimize the patient examination experience and greatly improve the efficiency of the operation technician. 

  • Doctors can easily and remotely control the patient's rotation, increasing the efficiency of examination.

  • Patient can easily get in and out of bed.

  • Support bedside control, exposure and observation.

  • Effectively meet the low-dose requirement during gynecological pediatric examination.

  • The integrated design console supports the system's one-button power on / off and the doctor's two-handed coordinated operation.

  • Doctors can easily and remotely control the patient's rotation, increasing the efficiency of examination.

  • Patient can easily get in and out of bed.

  • Easily meet the needs of various angles of projection and pneumoconiosis examination.

Dynamic DR Features
  • Digital Radiography

    Applicable for all body positions.

  • Digital Contrast

    Applicable for all regular and specific contrast examinations, It also supports replaying contrast video and select images of lesions for the diagnosis.

  • Digital Fluoroscopy

    Applicable for all body position’s fluoroscopy examinations

Image Stitching Function

Provide full-limb or full-spine stitching images for orthopedic joint replacement and spinal orthopedics.

Pneumoconiosis Examination

Provide professional pneumoconiosis image processing system, optional 1.8m special filter grid for pneumoconiosis examination.

High Definition 

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

Equipped with self-developed ultra-clear large view size dynamic flat panel detector, 600 micron cesium iodide greatly improves X-ray conversion efficiency, unique amorphous silicon array and high-speed reading integrated circuit work closely, easily realize multi-frame rate fluoroscopy and high-definition spot film.

  • 17 ×17 inches

    Large view size

  • 9 million pixel

    High definition spot

  • 0.8S

    Radiography and fluoroscopy switching

  • DFP synchronized exposure

    Efficient dark noise suppression

  • Linear detection plane

    No distortion or distortion in the image

Professional Image Processing System

The multi-Function series is configured with IEAE and multi-frequency image processing system. It has six core                  processing modules that enable evenness, softness, spatial layering and texture exquisiteness of image and                  provide solid foundation for precise lesion diagnosis.

Excellent Multifunctional Remote Table Design

The flexible mechanical structure meets the needs of various clinical examinations and various position radiography requirement.

Extensive examination coverage

Easily handle examinations, gastrointestinal angiography, and intravenous pyelography.

-35 ° ~ 35 ° multi-angle shooting

Meet the angle requirements of various clinical examination, such as calcaneus axis, patella axis, cervical vertebrae, sacral-caudal vertebrae.

SID range of 1 ~ 1.8 meters

The focal length has an adjustable range of 1 to 1.8 meters to meet various professional standard radiography requirements, such as pneumoconiosis, wheelchair patient radiography, etc.

-15 ° ~ 90 ° large-scale bed rotation

Meet the needs of various kinds of projection shooting in clinical upright position, lying position and negative angle, such as head low and foot high position to help reduce the flow rate of contrast medium

Advanced Intelligent Application

Deep insight into the pain points of radiology equipment operation, we improve the machine, and bring users a more excellent user experience.

Smart collimator

Collimator can choose suitable filed size according to different body position and can automatically match detector format according to different SID.

Smart one-key preset

Supports an easy and fast one-key shift between chest position and bed position.

Clinical Images

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