Mobile DR Series

Mobile Digital Medical X-ray Radiographic System

Move Flexibly, Drive Smoothly

  • One key to unlock, 315°large angle mechanical part movement. More precise and convenient bed-side positioning.

  • Support software-defined delayed exposure and long distance extended cable exposure, remote exposure and safe exposure to reduce risk of radiation.

  • Slope-assist system, easy climb.

  • 19 inches touch screen, integrated self-designed imaging workstation, good control of radiography information and optimized mobile radiography work flow.

  • Slim for free passage

Low Dose

Self-designed wireless flat panel detector, enhanced CsI layer, low-dose radiography control mode, much less clinic dose and clear and sharp image.

Innovative standby sleep mode

In the standby mode, it will automatically enter the sleep energy storage mode, and the standby time will be effectively extended by more than 30%.
  • ficon01.png
    30 km long range
  • ficon02.png
    Up to 1200 consecutive shots

 High Capacity Tube and High KW Generator

Continuous output of reliable x-ray to easily satisfy massive and continuous exposure demands.

Smart Machine, Easy Transfer

Easy transfer in departments like Isolation ward, ICU, operation room, radiography department.

New Wireless Visual Exposure Solution

HD-camera and audio system, support long distance visual operation and audio positioning guidance. Dynamic monitoring of patient position and status, real time preview exposure results.

SID Laser Distance Measurement

SID laser distance measurement function, real time showing SID data for precise positioning, fast and efficient.


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