The dynamic detector technology independently developed by Angell Technology provides visualization conditions for clinical examinations, and realizes fast and high-definition spot-film, and accurate diagnosis. From two-dimensional anatomical imaging to organ function imaging, make diagnosis more accurate! 

The intelligent system offers flexible operation, stable performance, accuracy of movement, convenience for all clinical application, such as emergency, orthopedic, digestive, and radiology departments.

  • The system supports fully manually and fully motorized control. Capacitive sensor detection set in tube head corner, when you press that green color area, the system will release easy all movement in high efficiency.
  • The detector and the tube can realize fully automatic synchronization in the chest examination and lateral examination, which greatly improves the efficiency of clinical examination.
  • One-key switch between chest and  lateral examination, one-key positioning.
    Fully automatic intelligent motion control, two-way radio frequency signal receiving design, realize one-key switching between vertical and horizontal positions, One-key positioning can achieve convenient operation and improve efficiency.
  • The detector can work manually or electrically, easily tracking the tube moving up and down. The handgrip can support patient’positioning in chest examination.
  • Safety-care system ensures the wide range of height adjustment for children, the elderly, and trauma patients. Equipped with an embedded sensor unlocking system,it effectively avoids accidental touch by the patient.
Dynamic DR Features
  • Digital Radiography

    Applicable for all body positions.

  • Digital Contrast

    Applicable for all regular and specific contrast examinations, It also supports replaying contrast video and select images of lesions for the diagnosis.

  • Digital Fluoroscopy

    Applicable for all body position’s fluoroscopy examinations

Image Stitching Function

Provide full-limb or full-spine stitching images for orthopedic joint replacement and spinal orthopedics.

Pneumoconiosis Examination

Provide professional pneumoconiosis image processing system, optional 1.8m special filter grid for pneumoconiosis examination.

High Definition 

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

Equipped with self-developed ultra-clear large view size dynamic flat panel detector, 600 micron cesium iodide greatly improves X-ray conversion efficiency, unique amorphous silicon array and high-speed reading integrated circuit work closely, easily realize multi-frame rate fluoroscopy and high-definition spot film.

  • 17 ×17 inches

    Large view size

  • 9.4M pixels
  • 2S

    Fast Imaging Speed switching

  • DFP 

    Simultaneous Exposure


Built-in voice intercom system
The built-in professional intercom system. The system is designed with high-fifidelity sound effects The technician can provide remote guidance for patient’positioning and the patient can clearly receive the voice guidance in the X-ray room.

9.7-inch smart touch screen

9.7-inch LCD touch screen,can offer control of device movement, real-time exposure parameters, display of patient information and positioning indicator.


Ultra-low position exposure

The detector and tube can be lower down to close to the ground to do the examination of the lower limbs, reducing patient movement, and at the same time, it is convenient for children to do the chest and limbs examinations.


Flexible applications by dual detectors

The dynamic detector & static detector can offer all convenience of workflow, more accurate diagnosis with lower dose, and excellent images with fast acquiring speed.

Wireless remote control

Remote control console of movement optimizes workflow efficiently with easy operation, it can be used for auto tracking, auto positioning, collimation, image field adjustment and intercom communication.


Advanced dynamic technology could offer 9.4 million level pixels and can achieve convenient charging.

High frequency generator and high capability tube could continuously serve the large number of examinations. At the same time, it could highly improve the quality of diagnosis with blurring free image during both dynamic and static examinations.

Image workstation: The dynamic image can be partially enlarged and saved, and any segment can be intercepted during playback and used by PACS transmission.


Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
Improve the image quality while effectively reducing the dose, improving the efficiency of inspection.

Auto Collimation
Intelligent collimator offers optimized workflow with best image effect.


Automatic Long Bone Stitching
Auto image stitching can be completed by press and hold exposure after setting, the exposure and system movement will be done synchronously and automatically, the image will be stitched automatically by the software.
Professional pneumoconiosis examination (optional)
Built-in special pneumoconiosis image processing system, the interface is brief, clear, friendly and interactive, easy to use. Embedded pneumoconiosis image optimization algorithm and enhanced processing technology to provide high-quality images for pneumoconiosis examination


Clinical Images

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