Mobile X-ray

Equipped with high anode capacity of X-ray tube and large output power of HFgenerator can capture clearer images.

  1. kV range: 40~150kV
  2. mA range: 10~400mA
  3. Input power: 2kVA
  4. Max output power: 32kW

Product Features

Flexible Movement, Easy Positioning

Fuselage size: 550mm × 1300mm × 1200mm

Column lifting: 500mm

Collimator Rotation Range along the vertical axis: -15° ~ +90°

Colimator Rotation Range along the horizontal axis: -90° ~ +90°

Column Rotation Range along the vertical avis: -90° ~ +90°

Super long endurance, Various operations

Rechargeable Lithium battery built: Battery built for 300 exposures at full charge, Full charging time 5 hours.

Multiple configuration options to meet diverse clinical applications: Optional wireless FPD, and workstation.

Optional Features: Built-in lithium battery, Laptop, Wireless FPD

Outstanding Clinic Images

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