Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine

CMOS dynamic detector; Clearer
image and lower dose.

5-way multi axis C-arm, smart and slim, flexible and convenient.

16 bit gray scale acquisition; SPI processing technology, in order to effectively reduce the loss of image signal, shorten the imaging time and improve the image quality.

Advanced CMOS Detection Technology

CMOS dynamic flat panel detector is designed to satisfy the most demanding real-time X-ray imaging applications.

Based on acicular CsI scintillator with excellent performance and high sensitivity CMOS chip, excellent image quality
can be obtained at very low X-ray dose level, and the dynamic range is further improved at the same time.

The highest spatial resolution is 3.2 lp / mm, and the details of the multi-level field of view image are still clearly visible.

Smart fuselage,flexible and convenient

Mobile C-shaped boom

Five axis motion control

Flexible to meet the needs of multi angle photography

More accurate surgical positioning.

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