The 2nd Dynamic DR Imaging Diagnosis Competition



In 2019, the first dynamic DR imaging diagnosis competition sponsored by Angell Technology and co-organized by Dinghu Imaging and Dingxiangyuan won widespread attention and great success. The competition attracted the attention of more than 100,000 radiologists. A total of 4,716 people from more than 4,000 hospitals participated in answering questions, It has become the most influential professional medical imaging event with the largest number of participants.More importantly, the successful holding of the first Dynamic DR imaging Diagnosis competition has set up a platform for radiologists across the country to discuss and learn general diagnostic skills, moreover, it has effectively promoted the attention of the field of medical imaging to the general imaging, and actively promoted the development of the general imaging.

The Dynamic DR Imaging Diagnosis Competition is not only a competition for general radiography imaging diagnosis, but also a professional dialogue for exchanging and learning general radiography diagnostic skills, and promoting general radiography to a higher level of precision diagnosis. The purpose
and concept of the
competition is to spread the system and professional general radiological diagnosis skills, to promote radiological workers' research on general radiological imaging,and to continuously promote the development of general radiological imaging.

For the second dynamic DR imaging diagnosis competition, Angell Technology continued to unite the two medical platforms of Dingxiangyuan and Dinghu Imaging, and gathered 8 nationally renowned experts
to form the expert committee of the competition, aiming to present a high-level professional dialogue. The competition will start on December 15th, and we are
looking forward to all kinds of experts in diagnosis.

     The 2nd Dynamic DR Imaging Diagnosis Competition, with the theme of "General RAY Pioneers, Reinventing Value", invites radiologists and medical students from all over the country to participate in the answering and interactive analysis of case diagnosis of general radiology , Win huge prizes and Re-appreciate the value of general radiodiagnosis.

In the later stage of the competition,experts of competition Expert Committee of the competition will successively carry out online live broadcasts of classic case analysis of general radiography, explain the general diagnostic idea in detail and knowledge of general radiography, and work together with national imaging workers to improve and make progress together to promote the development of general radiography. Stay tuned!

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